Cost effective advertising

Vehicle advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your target audience.  According to government statistics, the average driver spends one month in every year behind the wheel and up to 3000 people will see your vehicle every day! What’s more, our vehicle wraps last up to five years as opposed to a newspaper or radio advert, which is always short term.

Protecting the paintwork of your vehicle

Your vehicles will inevitably show the signs of clocking up miles on freeways. By wrapping your vehicle, you can not only enhance your brand, you can also protect your paintwork. We always use matching protective over-laminate with our vehicle wraps, which extends their life and look as well as protecting your paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasions. 


Preserving the value of your vehicle / fleet

It’s usually most cost effective to purchase a white vehicle, particularly if you have a large number to buy, then have it branded in your company style. If you spray-paint your vehicle there is a cost associated to return it to its original white when you come to sell or return it at the end of its lease, but with vehicle wrapping you can simply have the wrap removed in a matter of hours. If you choose to have your vehicle spray painted, you'll also need to spend additional money on graphics, whereas with vehicle wrapping, it’s all done in one go. 

Projecting a professional image

Vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are a great way of strengthening your brand identity, giving your business a professional image. Your van, car, truck, coach or fleet graphics can be as understated or as spectacular as you wish, with photographic images creating virtually any look or design. What does it say about your business when you have tired looking vehicles on the road?

Match existing colours

You may have a specific Pantone color which incorporates your company branding. We can print and match to your color and send you a printed sample before we start your work. We can also match against any existing artwork and designs, meaning we can help you even if you have already started a contract with someone else.

All of our printing is carried out at our dedicated wide format printing facility using the industry's latest print technology. For you this means you get color consistency throughout the duration of your fleet contract.


RemovEability of vinyl

Finally, due to the quality of the vehicle graphics materials that we use you will not have problems removing the graphics at the end of the promotion / lease period. Inferior vehicle wrapping products may look fine in the short term but they'll offer you future problems including a lack of removability and damage to paintwork.