Custom decals are the best way to differentiate from your competitors.

It is a highly effective tool in branding and marketing strategy. It offers fresh, innovative ways to draw your customers in.

Custom decals are simple to apply to the interior or exterior of your business and can be printed out in any shape or size, depending on your requirements. Whether you’re looking for plain vinyl letters, informative signage or your logo Xenia Racing can print them all!

1.Custom Decals Support Digital Strategies

It is recommended that businesses combine modern marketing techniques such as web-based advertising, social media marketing and email marketing with the use of more traditional approaches like custom decals. This ensures that as a business you are covering all your bases in order to maximize reach and awareness.

2.Minimal Investment

Create a fun bumper sticker or license disc sticker to hand out to your customers. This way, your business will be top of mind every time they get behind the wheel! And if they pop the sticker on their bumpers, that’s a whole lot of free advertising for a minimal investment.

3.Quick and Easy

Custom decals are a quick and simple way to draw attention to your current campaigns or promotions. Xenia Racing offers quick turnaround times, to allow your business to be agile in its promotional efforts. A custom decal for your store or office window can be designed and printed in just a few days, allowing you to draw customers in as quickly as possible.

Custom decals are a budget-friendly and effective marketing tool, giving your business a feel of exclusivity to help you stand out amongst the crowed. Please place your order, it’s fast and easy! Don’t forget we can print your stickers, labels & decals no matter what SIZE or SHAPE or QUANTITY.